Hello, I'm Karly.


I’m 22 years old and living on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada!

I’m a singer/songwriter by nature, being the creative, sensitive type that I am. Wriggling words into melodies has become something of a reflex for me throughout my years. In a life that’s ever changing, it’s a constant I can always lean into. 

I currently work a “regular” job and freelance as a musician and guitar teacher. The rest of my time I have to go out with my dog, fetch coffee from somewhere and capture as many little, simple, wonderful, yet fleeting moments in life as I can in order to make them feel less fleeting.

This blog is a product of all of these moments. It's my home on the web and my place to pay homage to the value of living and finding happiness in the present moment.

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Contact me for bookings, lessons, promotional opportunities or just to say hi! karlysummers@me.com